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Natalie Lewis Meet results

Scott Vanderzell

The Natalie Lewis Spring Invite was a huge success. We want to thank all our Titan families for all the efforts this weekend. Parent volunteers are essential to running these meets and as you saw we needed all hands on deck for this one! The swimmers and coaches have been working hard leading up to this and the results were great for the beginning of our Long Course Season! We had 132 Titans competing from Levels SD to 8 and saw tremendous efforts from all!

We had 12 swimmers participate across Stroke Development, Level 1, and 2. They combined for 25 swims across both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Congrats to all of our swimmers on doing well at our first long course meet of the season!

Stroke Development had 2 swimmers participate j in the meet. Ellis Boyle did an excellent job tackling the 50 meter Freestyle in the open session against his older brother Will. Ian Reynolds had 2 great swims in the 50 meter Freestyle and Backstroke doing very well in both!
Level 1 saw 5 swimmers attend the meet all with busy weekends ahead of them. Sammy Bennett and Benjamin Lever both did outstanding in their 50 Freestyle and Backstroke, while Ellie Tacca also did an outstanding job in the 50 Freestyle and Backstroke! Leighton Hayes and Gracie Wright were the busiest of the group with 4 and 3 events respectively, each of them tackling the 100 Freestyle and doing very well all around! Way to go from the Level 1 swimmers!
Level 2 sent 6 swimmers to the meet and had great swims on both days. Nora Lillvis and James DeWitt both did a great job in their 2 events tackling the 100 Freestyle and 100 Breaststroke respectively. Grace Castelletti showed off her quick speed doing a great job in the 50 Backstroke! The sibling duo of Micheal and Clara Kartychak had a busy weekend with 4 events each including the 100 Freestyle and 100 Backstroke between the two of them! Jacob Henshue rounded out level 2 swimming a 50 of each stroke and doing well in all four events!

Level 3 had 19 swimmers, 18 best times and a lot of first time swims! Some swimmers that really stood out were Miya Kaczmarek, Khloe Kibby, Valerie Mattison, and Agnes Pendley. Miya has come back from an injury and this was her first meet in quite a while. She had best times in every event!! She has been making strides in practice and it really showed at this meet. Khloe swam 8 events with 7 best times! Valerie swam 7 events with 6 best times and Agnes swam 10 events with 10 best times!! Level 3 had a great meet and we are excited to see their progress the rest of the season. 

Level 4 sent 18 swimmers to the meet, and they did a great job in the first Long Course meet of the season, and for many their careers! 50 new events conquered, 67 personal best times, 19 silver cut times, 11 gold times, and a few DQ’s to work on. Izabelle Castelletti had 2 fantastic swims in the 50 free and 100 Breaststroke. Evelyn Dickerson posted 3 Gold times and a silver time. Violet Drullard had a great 50 Breaststroke. Logan Glasser swam a strong 50 free and 200 free. Derek Hufnagel had a great meet with nothing but personal bests. Joseph Krieger swam the 200’s on Friday posting a gold time in the IM and a silver time in the Free. Jeffrey Li was able to pull together 3 gold times and 2 silvers in 2 days of the meet. Harlow Martinez went 5 for 5 in all silver cuts. Brayden May swam an amazing meet with 3 gold times. Audrey Nudell went an amazing 7 for 7 all best times with a gold cut and 3 silver cuts. Rosie Pashler swam strong with 3 personal bests and a silver time. Theodore Pavon had 3 new events conquered including the 200 free. Wyatt Pavon had a full weekend with 7 swims posting 4 silver times. Maya Sengupta had 4 super swims with 2 silver cuts. Mona Sengupta had 4 super freestyle and backstroke swims. Laila Tomsic did an amazing job in the 50’s free, back, and fly. Logan Turnbull put in two strong efforts in the 100 breast and 50 free. Anthony Wild had 4 great swims in freestyle and breaststroke. Great first meet to all of Level 4!

Level 5 had 22 swimmers and 27 best times! It was a great first long course meet of the season. On top of many best times the kids came in with great attitudes and made the most of it! Even those who had some disqualifications took the time to understand why and have applied the changes in practice since! Some swimmers who really stood out were Josie Lyons, Nora Bronson and Emmy Dewey. Both Josie and Emmy took on the challenge of the 400 and they both swam GREAT races. Josie also had 6 best times in her 7 events! Nora Brsonson had 3 best times in her 3 events and Emmy had 7 best times out of her 8 events. 

Level 6 had a dozen swimmers representing the team achieving some truly great times. They competed in events ranging from the 50 free to the 400 IM and 800 free. A total of 37 best times, 8 silver cuts, 2 gold times and no DQ’s. Lucas Castelo Barnum swam 3 great freestyle events bettering his best times by a ton. Avery Conschafter swam 5 personal bests with a new swim in the 50 fly. Lucie Drullard had 4 great swims with 3 new events conquered. Kaitlyn Forpah crushed her 800 free and has 2 personal bests in her other events. Isaac King swam 4 personal bests with a silver time in his 200 Back. Tessa Michalowsk had all best times with 2 new events added to her list, the 400 IM and 200 breaststroke. Maximus Miranda swam his first 50 free in long course and did fantastic. Nora Pashler had 3 strong swims with the 400 free added to her list. Lannen Pawelek put In two great swims and personal bests in the 50 free and 100 back. William Taylor had 3 new Long Course events with a silver in the 50 free. Khalil Voelker had 3 great swims on Saturday 2 gold and a a silver time. 

Level 7-8 sent 43 swimmers to this meet including some of our college returns Maya Marcyan, Atticus Hlublin, Ryan Nebrich and Harrison Sly. As a group we had nearly 150 personal best times. Paige Glor, Max Lesmeister, Dom Engel, Harrison Roberts, Chase Achatz, Grant Benedict, Max Carter, Max Cwiklinski, Noah D'Avirro, Megan Huffnagal, James Lyons, Gavin Miller, Mckenna O'Neil, Ella Pawelczyk, Emily Masker Lucy Pendley, Lucia Santiago, Joey Tacca all posted personal best in all their swims. Reese Marcyan, Emma Wagner, Kylie Szaflarski, Ryan Bronson, Heather Malkiewicz, Rowna Riley, Meredith Roberts, Andre Charlier, and Alex Schuler all had nearly all personal best swims.

The group has been working really had and putting a lot of focus on mechanics as we build in to the season. The last month has been tremendous even though we are missing alot of the girls to the spring sports. Very excited about the4 summer meets and the grouwth we can make.