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TWST Snowball results

Scott Vanderzell

The TWST Snowball Team Challenge

We sent 32 swimmers to the meet with some amazing swims in the Orchard Park pool! These Titans racked in 51 personal bests, 30 Silver times, 10 Gold Times, and 16new Swims and only 1 DQ! That is amazing, Congratulations to all!

The six 8 and under swimmers were amazing with their efforts and attitudes all day. Lily Bedford had an amazing day with 3 personal bests dropping over 19 seconds total! Samuel Bennett did a great job with a 7 second drop in the 50 free, a new swim in the 50 back and a great 1st attempt at the 50 Breaststroke. Collins Bryant had 3 strong swims with an amazing 1st time 50 Fly! Amelia D'Avirro had a strong performance with 2 new swims, 2 Silver cuts, and a personal best in the 50 Back. Valerie Mattison had a nearly 7 second drop in her 100 Breaststroke as well as a Silve cut in her 50 Free. Finally, Agnes Pendley swam a total of 450 yards of competition on the day right at her personal bests in all 4 events.

The 9 & 10 age group did surer as well! Nora Bronson could do no wrong in the OP pool with 2 Gold times, 2 personal bests and an outstanding 1st time swim in the 200 Free! Vivienne Cabin went 3 for 3 Gold times, 2 more personal best times and inched closer to her 50 Breast Zone cut! Audrey Nudell swam strong with 3 personal bests and 3 silver cuts. Rosie Pashler had 4 great efforts with a new event in the 50 Breast stroke and a Silver cut in the 50 back. Josephine Welsch went 3 for 4 personal best times, had 2 Silver cuts, a new 200 IM event and a Gold cut in her 50 Back! The 10 and under swimmers rocked this meet!

The 11-12 age group saw 13 swimmers participate from levels 3, 4, 5, and 6. We had 13 best times, 14 Silver cuts, and 5 Gold cuts. We also had 5 first time swims including Kali Volker in the 200 Fly and Ellie Homish in the 200 Back. 

Our level 3 and 4 swimmers had great effort at the meet multiple best times and a few first time swims. Alexis Carter had a busy day with 4 swims and added a new event in the 100 backstroke! Anthony Wild and Derek Hufnagel both posted 2 personal best times at the meet and were right on with their best time in their others! Khloe Kibby had a busy day with 350 yards of racing in just 3 events, with nice effort too! Evan Matesic had a great meet adding a second silver cut time in the 100 freestyle, way to go! Nice job from our level 3 and 4, 11 and 12 year old swimmers!

Level 5 and 6 had 12 gold and silver cuts between our swimmers and had great races throughout the afternoon. Bianca Anderson, Joan Yeskoot, and Nora Pashler represented our level 5 swimmers and had great races all around and brought home multiple best times between them! Megan Hufnagel and Elise Muffoletto both had busy days with lots of racing and got 5 silver cuts and 3 gold cuts between them, nice job! Ellie Homish and Kali Volker both tested out new events in the 200 backstroke and 200 butterfly respectively. Both girls also achieved silver cut times in both their new events, way to go ladies! Finally we had Kaitlyn Forpahl manning the 500 freestyle and adding a new swim in the 100 breaststroke! Nice job to our level 5-6, 11 and 12 year old swimmers!

We had seven, 13 and over swimmers join us at the meet and they had some great races. Alex Caccamise and Brynn Muffoletto had busy days swimming 3 and 4 races respectively with great effort and good times between the two! Our 13 and overs had lots of new swims including Amelia Pashler in the 200 backstroke, Tessa Michalowski in the 200 breaststroke and 200 butterfly, and Noah D’Avirro in the 200 IM, way to go swimmers! Lucy Pendley had lots of swimming with 850 yards of racing in just 4 events, she also added a best time in 1 and achieved silver cuts in all 4 nice job! We also had Gabriella Wild with a total of 39 seconds dropped across her 4 events! Way to go from our 13 and over swimmers!