Time Trial #12 Results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Feb 18 2021 at 09:25AM PST

The Titans were able to run another team only time trial on Friday the 12th that also happened to be out 12th time trial! We are so fortunate to even be able to practice let alone run these meets, we have to stop and be grateful! Thanks to all who signed up and volunteered, came and swam so well, and coached these swimmers to some great swims!
We had 11 swimmers for Level 1, and it was awesome to see some great races! It was so nice to see you guys challenging yourselves with new events. We had 13 first times and 7 new personal bests! We are really proud of you guys! Shout out to Lannon Pawelek for taking on a 100IM! Great job! Harper Shovlin also had a huge time improvement, shaving off 6.69 seconds in her 25 free! Also, Alex Caccamise and Sophia Burns did an amazing job in the 50Free, with a 4.43 second drop for Alex and 2.28 second drop for Sophia! Awesome job Level 1 keep up the great work! 

Level 2 had another great showing at this Friday’s Time Trial! 11 Level 2 swimmers participated and swam great races all around! We even had some swimmers take on the 100 breaststroke and the 100 IM, which is great to see how far we have come this season. We have some things to work on but we’re making great progress all around, so let’s keep up the great work! 15 new personal bests, 8 new events swum and 3 DQ’s makes this a great time trial!

Level 3 had 8 amazing swimmers join us for the time trial this past Friday. We were so impressed with how everyone continues to improve their stroke technique while swimming fast! At practice we have been working hard, focusing on our flip turns and streamlines. Awesome job to Vivienne Cabin, Gretchen, Cenczyk, Brigid Connors, Ameika Paris, Ameela Patel, Ella Pawelczyk, Lucia Santiago, and Gianna Torcello. We are so proud of all our level 3 swimmers.

Level 4 sent 8 swimmers who came ready to go! Gianna Ayres-Barnack, Julia Cabin, Megan Hufnagel, Lucy Nudell, Amelia Pashler, Joseph Tacca, Gavin Tranter, and Haylee Whelehan put in some amazing effort in their swims! Everyone came away with some best times and a few focal points on getting even faster! The racked up 17 personal best times, 4 new events and only 1 DQ. Way to go!

Level 5 had an awesome showing at our time trial on Friday,with 18 swimmers coming to represent. 17 new bests and 12 new events were collected for Level 5. There were 0 DQs, which shows how much we have been focusing on the little things of our races. We are constantly working on our streamlines,underwater kicks, and flip turns which have really helped improve our races. We saw some awesome time drops from Ryan Bronson, Reese Marcyan, Marley Sinatra and Sean Curvin in the 100 breast, and Rowan Riley and Jacob Walter in the 200 free.Abigail Szyprowski braved the 500 free for the second week in a row and still managed to drop another 10 seconds! Shout out to Keira Curvin for doing an awesome job in her first 500! Congratulations to everyone in Level 5, keep up the great work!

Level 6 has continued to work hard and set some lofty goals.These swimmers are dedicated and willing to put in the extra effort to get better! We had 11 super swimmers from Level 6 in attendance. They pulled together 22 new personal bests, 5 new events like the 200 Back and 500 Free,and zero DQ’s! Amazing stuff! We saw terrific sprinting and some really beautiful strokes! Congratulations on an impressive effort to all Level 6 Swimmers!

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