Holiday Meet results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Dec 31 2018 at 02:24PM PST

What a great end to 2018 we had at the Town of Tonawanda Titans at the Holiday Swim for Time!
We had over 120 Titans come to the two day event and we saw some fantastic swims.
This meet is one of our smaller events with just a few teams in attendance and the pool remaining open to the public in the shallow end. That didn’t stop us from pulling together numerous championship qualifier times and a bunch of Niagara Championship cuts, having some fun, & swimming fast! This meet was put together as a short course meters event with the hopes we could focus on swimming smart and allowing great times be the result, nice job Titans pulling that off in spectacular fashion.

Michael Scibetta was the only stroke development swimmer who participated in the meet. He swam the 50 freestyle and did a great job! Way to go Michael!

Level 1 had 6 swimmers at the meet. It was Tyler and Chase Hapeman’s first meet as Titans! They both did an awesome job in the 50 freestyle. James Lyons swam the 100 IM for the first time and did a great job. Milania Scarpace challenged herself and swam both the 100 back and the 100 free. Bianca Rivera swam both backstroke events and did so with a smile on her face! Josie Lyons swam the 50 free and 50 freestyle- we are proud of her for working on her kicking! Great Job Level 1!

Level 2 had 15 swimmers at the meet! Every level 2 swimmer impressed us with their stroke technique, turns, and starts. We are so happy to see so many kids from this level participating in meets and are so proud of all of their hard work!

Level 3 had 19 swimmers compete at our holiday meet! We have been working hard at practice, focusing on great turns and streamlines off our walls. All 19 swimmers did a great job with applying what was taught at practice to each of our races. Level 3 collected 10 championship qualifier cut times from Keira Curvin, Owen Gray, Julianna Haacker, Reese Marcyan and Jayla Mercurio. We are looking forward to the New Year and can’t wait to see more improvements at upcoming meets. Great job level 3!

Level 4 had 20 swimmers attend and they did awesome! Swimming events ranging from the 50 to the 400 These Titans did amazing. Every swim was a best time as none have swam SCM before, but more importantly they swam some very smart races. We saw the work from practice on our starts and finishes begin to take hold. Many times watching the order of finish it was great to see “heads down, hips up, full strokes, with full kicks”!
Nice job Level 4.

Level 5 did an awesome job at this meet! We had 14 swimmers from this level compete, and saw 8 Niagara Championship cut times, 20 Championship qualifier times and only 1 DQ – which shows we are really starting to focus on the little things during our races. Practices have been tough this past month, we have focused on intensity at practice and included longer endurance sets at least once a week. We are so proud of all the hard work everyone is putting in at practice and can’t wait to see what all of our level 5 swimmers are capable of in the upcoming New Year. Awesome work level 5!

Level 6 is such an amazing group to coach, it should come as no surprise that they are amazing to watch swim in meets too! 18 Level 6 swimmers came to show off a bit at the Holiday meet. Piling up 31 CQ times and 15 NI champ cuts, we can safely say they have been putting in some great efforts in practice! So many of these swimmers have been attending every practice possible this month it shows their love of this sport and dedication as this has been such a busy month!
Great job to all Level six swimmers!
Level 7-8 We can to race, to focus on how to race and not focus on the time. We saw smarter swimming and faster times from that. It was great to see swimmers swim some off events and not stick to the same old line up, this is growth as a swimmers which is very important at this age. I am looking forward to the next few month to see how we continue to improve how we swim not just how fast we swim.

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