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The Titans sent 80 swimmers to ECC for the Star Winter Challenge, and they were ready for it! We had amazing swims at both ends of the pool. This meet did run a bit long and we got pulled in to help time but all the effort by parents, swimmers, and coaches proved to be worth it! The 12 and under swimmers continue to pile up personal best times, NI Championship Qualifier and Niagara Championship cuts. The 13 and over swimmers are also doing very well but are beginning to see how these seasons are, we swim smart, put in the work and learn and practice really matters.

One swimmer from stroke development, Charlotte Johnson, attended the STAR meet. Charlotte swam a fast 25 freestyle and an awesome 50 freestyle. In addition, one swimmer from Level 1 attended the meet as well. Derek Hufnagel swam the 25 freestyle, 25 butterfly, 50 freestyle, and 25 back. Derek did awesome in all of his events and even dropped 15 seconds in his 50 freestyle! Great job to both Charlotte and Derek.

Kudos to Caylyn and Nora – our only two Titans swimmers representing Level 2 at the STAR meet this past weekend. Very proud of both girls for tackling some longer events, especially Nora’s 100 free and Caylyn’s 100 IM. It’s a tough time of year, and both meet days were very long, really happy with how our swimmers pushed themselves and performed!

This past weekend the Titans had 6 level 3 swimmers competing in the STAR meet. . Amelia Pashler, Haley Whelehan, and Joan Yeskoot all swam best times their events! The swimmers have been doing a nice job thinking about their races and how they could improve overall. This time in the season there are a lot of meets, sometimes back to back weekends but our swimmers are stepping up to the block ready to race each time. That shows how hard they have been working each week in practice, keep it up level 3!

Level 4 sent 11 swimmers to the meet and combined for 36 personal bests, 6 new events, 12 NI champs cuts and 24 NI Championship Qualifier cuts, while helping out on relays! 200 free, 200 IM and the 100’s of stroke are becoming some of our best events and we have several more opportunities in front of us to improve! Great Job!

9 swimmers from Level 5 showed up ready to race this past weekend. They did an awesome job with 26 best times, 20 Championship Qualifier cut times and 7 Championship Cut times. Great swims from Ariana Sidor and Colin Tupis in the 200 freestyle, each dropping close to 20 seconds. We are happy to see our group challenging themselves with longer races while still maintaining their focus on the key points we talk about at practice. We are continuing to work hard and are excited to see what everyone will do at the end of the season.

Level 6 had 13 swimmers represent us very well in the pool. We saw first time swims in the 200’s of stroke and 1000 free. The total of best times was an amazing 37, with 11 NI Champs cuts, 24 NICQ cuts, and we saw a ton of swimmers applying what they’ve been working on in their turns and breakouts! We will continue to focus on the little things while we prepare for championship formatted meets and we are excited to see how the next 2 months unfolds. Great job Level 6!

Level 7-8 had great final turn up going into Championship season. We were able to swim some off events and improve on some of our main events as well. Friday we started the meet with best time in the 400IM by Lauren Levy, Natalie Fritsch, Paige Glor and Haley Griffin. This was then followed up with the 500 Free and best times from Peyton Glor, Declan King, Chris Signore and Claire Malkiewicz. The rest of the weekend produced nearly 60 more personal best times of few more NI Gold championship times. Declan King, Paige and Peyton Glor, Chris Signore, Alaina Roberts, and Allison Chaplin had best times in nearly all of their events. Great Job this weekend

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On January 17th – 19th the Titans traveled out to Webster to compete in the Power Point meet.

We had 26, 12 & Unders rounding out the session with 70 best times, 54 Silver cut times, and 47 Gold cut times! These swimmers have been working really hard in practice not only on their endurance and confidence in swimming longer events but focusing more on how to race. We emphasize that it is important to pay attention to how you swim your drills and try to transfer that into racing fast. Juliet Bewlay, Mia Leone, Josephine Russom had a great meet dropping time in every event they swam. Keep up the hard work ladies! Shout out to Grace Griffin and Chloe Marcyan on winning the top point scorer for their age group! Way to go Titans!

The 13 and over had a great meet. We are training though to the championship season and swimming 3 sessions in about 24 hours put the test to their mental and physical toughness. Maddy Bronsen had 3 personal best Natalie Fritsch had 3 personal best, Leah Gardiner had 3 personal best, Paige Glor had 5 personal best, Peyton Glor had 6 personal best, Amanda Hill had 3 personal best, Alaina Roberts had 4 personal best, Chris Signore had 3 personal best and Lila Roeser had 3 personal best. Great job and we look forward to the STAR meet for our final turn up before Championship season.

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Two Titans Take 1st Place At PowerPoint!

Posted by Michael Griffin at Jan 18, 2020 5:43PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Congratulations Chloe Marcyan and Grace Griffin on taking 1st place in their age groups during the 12 & Under Sessions!

Chloe finished in 1st Place in the 12 Year Old Female age group with 4,932.28 points! This is the third time Chloe has won first place at this meet.

Grace finished in 1st Place in the 10 Year Old Female age group with 3,973.69 points!

Great job girls!


Titans 2019 Holiday Meet Results

Posted by Heather Scibetta at Dec 31, 2019 7:09AM PST ( 0 Comments )

The Titans Holiday Swim for Time was another great opportunity for the team to get together, swim fast, and have some fun at the pool! We basically ran a team time trial with 112 Titans filling the lanes at the meet. We were pleasantly surprised by all the great swims after several days off for most of the team.

Seven swimmers from Level 1 attended the Holiday Meet. Nora Bronson, Charlotte Nudell, Lucia Santiago, and Gretchen Cenczyk all swam an awesome 50 Freestyle and 50 Backstroke. Rhys Engelhardt and Derek Hufnagel both swam fast 50 Freestyles. Josie Lyons swam the 50 Breaststroke in addition to the 50 Freestyle and 50 Backstroke. Josie also dropped several seconds in her 50 Freestyle and 50 Backstroke! Great job to everyone!

Congratulations to all of the Level 2 swimmers that joined us for the Holiday Meet and posted some great swims. We love seeing our swimmers push themselves outside of their comfort zone, especially racing 100-yard events, different strokes, and IM. Proud of everyone who swam for taking the time out of their holiday break to be at the pool.
This past weekend the titans hosted our annual holiday meet. The swimmers had a lot of fun and swam some great races. Level 3 had 14 swimmers at the meet and they came out with 21 silver cut times, 3 gold cut times, and 25 new best times! There were a lot of new events swam and strokes raced for the first time. As a level we are always working on becoming more confident in trying new events or strokes in competition as well as focusing on technique so we can reach our goal of no DQ’s. Great job level 3, keep up the good work!

Level 4 had 17 swimmers attend the meet pulling together to swim some amazing short course meters performances. 19 Niagara Championship Cut Times, 23 Niagara Championship Qualifier cut times, and some smart swimming by all in attendance. We are happy to see so many of these young swimmers get together and support each other before, during, and after their swims.

Level 5 had a great Holiday Meet! We were so impressed with each of the 12 swimmers representing the level. We had a total of 21 silver cut times, 9 gold cut times and 30 new personal best times. From 50s and 100s of stroke to the 200 IM and 400 Free, level 5 focused on working hard and swimming fast. We have increased our intensity at practice and emphasized our break outs, turns and finishes so we have the ability to race smart. Congratulations on an awesome meet level 5, keep up the great work!

Level 6 had 16 amazing athletes at the holiday swim. They braved events from the 50 to the 400 & everything in between. They really put together some awesome efforts, netting 22 Niagara Championship Cuts, 37 Championship Qualifier Cuts, and a bunch of cookies eaten! This group was fun to watch using each other every swim! Great Job Titans!

Level 7-8 had a great meet. My hope going into this meet was that the kids would just focus on racing smart, efficiently and use the thing we were working on in practice rather than worrying about the time. Let the time come as we swim smart. I think for the most part we did that. We had a number on new championship cut times, we swimmers improve on off events and get close to Championship time in those events. I am very happy with the progress all the kids are making at this point and I look forward to the next couple of month.

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2019 Elf on the Shelf Meet Results

Posted by Heather Scibetta at Dec 28, 2019 6:46AM PST ( 0 Comments )

On Wednesday, December 18th, 40 swimmers from Stroke Development, Level 1, and Level 2 participated in our annual Elf on the Shelf Swim Meet.

The swimmers swam many different events including the 25 Noodle, 50 Freestyle, 100 IM and more. Gretchen Cenzyck swam an awesome 50 Backstroke! Brigid Connors swam a fast 25 Freestyle and Eliana Tacca swam an awesome 25 PB&J. Raegen Cannon, Lucia Santiago, Beatrice Ross, Milania Scarpace, and Derek Hufnagel all swam the 100 IM to end the meet!

All swimmers did a great job! Check out the meet results below.

Thank you to parents and volunteers! Happy Holidays!

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