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Lauren entered prelims with a time of 1:08.16. During prelims she swam a 1:07.13 seeding her in 4th place at finals. At finals she set the new Titans record with a time of 1:05.60 dropping 2.56 seconds from her entry time taking 3rd place overall! The old record was held by Marissa Dressel with a time of 1:05.68 set back in July of 2007.

Way to go Lauren!!

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BAAC last chance results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell at Jul 17, 2019 9:53AM PDT

Level 1 had three swimmers at the meet this past weekend- Bella Fucile, Milania Scarpace, and Michael Scibetta. All three swimmers swam best times and we are so proud of them! Way to go level 1, keep up the good work!

Level 2 had 2 swimmers compete in the BAAC meet. Jordan Kroneiss, and Joseph Tacca did a great job representing level 2 and challenging themselves to the long course pool and new events! At practice we are working on racing the right way with good stroke technique. Keep up the good work gentleman!

Level 3 had 7 swimmers represent Titans at the BAAC meet. We saw best times from Megan Hufnagel, Lucy Nudell, Yasmin Ramsey, John Stancliff, and Kathrine Stancliff. In practice level 3 has been working on racing while maintaining good stroke technique. We, as coaches, are proud of their hard work!

Level 4 brought 13 swimmers to compete in the BAAC meet and they came to race! We saw 11 new best times from Ryan Bronson, Grace Griffin, Aiden Kloetzer, Reese Maryann, Harrison Roberts, Taylor Shepard, Colin Tupis, and Jacob Walter. Keep up the good work in practice!
Level 5 had five swimmer represent the group at this meet. Maddie Bronson, Heather Malkiewicz, Meredith Roberts, Maddie Scibetta, and Delilah Winker each did an awesome job. They all focused on their breakouts, turns and finishes and everyone left with at least 1 best time. We are really proud of level 5 for their hard work and fast swimming!

Level 6 had an awesome meet! We had six swimmers representing titans from this level. Will Boyle, Haley Griffin, Lilly Hauser-Howells, Chloe Marcyan, Vidya Shah and Payton Taylor all did fantastic and were ready to race every time they stepped up on the blocks. Awesome job level 6, keep up the good work!

Great meet for level 7-8 to get prepared for Championship. Congrats to Tara DeBoth for achieving her Championship cut time in the 50 Free.

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The Star Summer invite held at ECC June 21st to the 23rd was another great opportunity for the Titans to show what they’ve been working on. We had 62 athletes attend compiling numerous Best times, more NI Champ Cuts, and we ever saw kids swimming new events! This is truly amazing considering so many of these young athletes were focused on end of year activities and exams!

Bella Fucile and Milania Scarpace represented Level 1 at the meet this past weekend. They both did a great job and continued to drop time in their events! Milania swam best times in both her 50 back and 100 freestyle, and Bella swam a best time in the 50 free. Way to go!
Level 2 had 5 swimmers compete this past weekend in the STAR meet. They did a great job racing long course and challenging themselves to longer events! Shoutout to Joseph Tacca for swimming the 200 breaststroke! We have been working hard at stroke technique in practice and that hard work has paid off with no DQ’s for level 2 this weekend! Way to go!
Level 3 had 7 swimmers participate in the STAR meet this past weekend and they had a great time racing and cheering their teammates on. Shoutout to Isaac King, Yasmin Ramsey, Elise Muffoletto, and Ebon Zuckerburg for achieving best times! We have been working as a group to take what we are learning at practice and applying it to our races. Keep up the good work level 3!
Level 4 sent 11 Swimmers to the 3 day event pulling together 20 personal best times, 7 new events swam, 8 Champs cuts with only 1 DQ! So many of these swimmers come to practice regularly and their efforts showed in great swims all weekend!
Level 5 sent 8 swimmers to the meet this past weekend. Everyone did a fantastic job; as a level we had 22 new best times and zero DQs! We are excited to see everyone trying out new events, like 200s of stroke and longer freestyle races. Congrats to Heather Malkiewicz and Kerrington Clouser for doing awesome in the 400 free. Great job level 5!
Level 6 sent 6 swimmers to the meet, not a large number for this group but final exams seemed to take a president. These swimmers were amazing swimming to 14 personal bests, 3 new events, 16 Champs cuts and 2 DQs. New events like the 200 Fly, 200 Back, 100 Fly were done with ease by these fantastic swimmers!
Leve 7-8 sent 20 swimmers. It was nice to see more time drops in a meet that we did not rest for, that fell in the middle of exams and caused swimmer to miss practice leading up to the meet. Again great job continuing to race the way we practice. Lindsay DeBoth, Natalie Fritsch and Alex Switalski had an exceptional meet.

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STAR Kick off recap

Posted by Scott Vanderzell at Jun 7, 2019 7:04AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Titans attended the Star Kick off Meet the weekend of May 31st to June 2nd and again did us proud. We had 67 swimmers at the meet, a big drop off from the Natalie Lewis meet but these swimmers came to swim! We were excited to see so many new Long Course events swam and at such a great level we all have much to be impressed with.

Level 1 had two swimmers at the meet this weekend! Josie Lyons swam the 50 freestyle and Bella Fucile swam the 50 freestyle, 50 backstroke, and the 100 backstroke! We are so happy to see our level 1 swimmers braving long course and are so proud of them! Way to go girls!

Level 2 had four swimmers attend the star meet this past weekend and they did a great job braving the cold pool and trying out new events! Emilia DiCamillo scored a best time in her 50 free and Joseph Tacca was brave enough to attempt the 200 freestyle! Way to go level 2!

Level 3 had 11 swimmers compete in the STAR meet and they did a great job representing what we have been working on in practice! We had 22 best times ever all from Anne Boscarino, Keira Curvin, Nina DiCamillo, Owen Scibetta, John Stancliff, Katherine Stancliff, Kylie Szaflarski, and Ebon Zuckerberg. Shout out to Owen Scibetta for cheering on his teammates the whole meet and having a great attitude! Keep up the good work level 3!

Level 4 sent 13 swimmers to the meet achieving 47 new best times, 24 new swims with only 1 DQ! New swims ranged from 100 fly to 400 free to 200s of stroke and they did great! We have had a few weeks to continue to focus on improving technique and stamina and it we clear; hard work pays off! Even with limited practices due to the holiday weekend these swimmers came focused and ready to shine! Great efforts by all!

We had 7 swimmers represent level 5 at the meet this past weekend. We are very happy to see a lot of progress since the last meet a few weeks ago! As a level we saw 20 new best times, 9 championship cut times, and 0 DQs – which shows that we are starting to focus on the important details of our races. We are looking forward to continuing to improve this summer. Awesome job level 5!

Send 6 swimmers to the meet and this small group put together big swims! 20 new personal best times, 6 new events and zero DQs! Congratulations to Ramy Ben Jaballah who completed his IMX events for the 13-14 age group swimming 400 IM 200 fly, back and breaststroke! We had Alaina Roberts and Haley Griffin also swim 400 IM for the first time and at a high level! Lilly Hauser Howells, Bri Lorenz and Chloe Marcyan all pitched in with great efforts and attitudes all weekend! Thanks to all who pitched in on relays and supported their teammates during the meet.

Level 7-8 sent 17 swimmers from the group and had nearly 60 personal best times. Sam Bryk achieved her Championship time in the 100 breast for the first time and Alex Switalski also achieved her Championship time in the 1500 in her first attempt in that event. Lindsay Deboth and Natalie Fritsch had personal best in all their events this weekend. Again it is great to see the swimmers build on what we are doing in practice and apply to the meets.

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Natalie Lewis meet huge success

Posted by Scott Vanderzell at May 24, 2019 7:48AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Natalie Lewis Long Course Invite was an amazing meet! The team really showed up in force with 128 Titans there taking advantage of the first LC opportunity. We played host to 627 athletes from 18 teams! Thanks to all who stepped up and helped us pull off an amazing weekend of fast swimming. A special thanks to the entire Lewis family they were there in support of the meet selling the wonderful Natalie inspired meet apparel, donating our bell ringers and just continuing to be an inspiration to us all as to what it means to be a positive force in the world! We are blessed to have them in our lives! Several families stepped up and volunteered above and beyond their minimum and we appreciate it immensely!

Level 1 did a great job at the Natalie Lewis Spring Invite! Bella Fucile, Josie Lyons, and Milania Scarpace all braved the long course meter pool and we are so proud of them! Way to go level 1!

Level 2 had 8 swimmers participate this past weekend in the Natalie Lewis meet. With most of them competing in Long course for the first time they did an amazing job. As a group we have been working on all four of the strokes and our confidence to attempt longer events. Shoutout to Charlie Burt, Hannah Engelhardt, James Lyons, and Abigail Sule for challenging themselves to compete in a 100 race! Way to go level 2!

Level 3 had an awesome turnout with 20 kids participating in the Natalie Lewis Spring Invite. They have all worked very hard to prepare for this meet and it definitely paid off. We saw 31 best times for our returning swimmers and great new times for the swimmers competing in their first long course season. Shoutout to Anne Boscarino. Keira Curvin, Evelyn Embow, Isaac King, Elise Muffoletto, and Owen Scibetta for trying out a 200 long course event, way to go! We also had a few championship cut times from Andre Charlier, Isaac King, and Owen Scibetta, nice job boys! Over all it was a great meet to kick off the long course season and we are excited to see where they will progress from here!

Level 4 had 21 amazing swimmers in the meet. They pulled together an out of this world 107 personal best times, 12 Niagara LSC Championship cut times, 44 new events, and only 4 DQ’s. Nice work! Many swam LC for the first time and did amazing in the new and exciting pool length! Congratulations to all you earned everything at this meet!

Level 5 sent 16 swimmers to the meet this past weekend. We have been working very hard at practice over the last few weeks, especially with a focus on stroke techniques, breakouts and finishes. Everyone did a great job with taking what we have been doing at practice and applying it to their races. All of our hard work has started to pay off as we were able to see a total of 66 best times just from our level! We were also excited to see everyone getting more comfortable swimming longer distance races and trying new events! Congratulations to Juliet Bewlay, Kerrington Clouser, Lucy Lyons, Campbell Murphy, Meredith Roberts and Lila Roeser for qualifying for the Niagara Championship meet. This was a great meet to start off our long course season and we are very excited to watch everyone continue to improve. Awesome job level 5!

Level 6 had 20 superstars at the meet combining for an impressive 81 new best times, 25 Niagara LSC Championship cuts, 24 new events and zero DQ’s! Amazing focus. We had a short time after break to get ready for this but they really pulled together some impressive early season swims! We were proud of all their efforts and all the help on our relays!

Level 7-8 started out the season with some great swimming with nearly 80 personal best and more Championship Qualifying time. With the season just beginning and the short training schedule the group stepped up showing what we have been working on, the DPS, which is very important to swimming especially LC racing. We were also able to get some LC racing experience and I look forward to the rest of the long Course season.

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