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The Titans 2018 Halloween Meet was a phenomenal start to our season. We had 112 swimmers, ranging from Level 1 to Level 8, attend the meet and they put together three solid days early in the season. Thanks to all who volunteered, donated, and swam, we couldn’t do it without you all pitching in! For many of us this was a new experience and for all of us it was a new way to do the meet entries. We have a better understanding of it all and look forward to it being much easier in the future.

The team pulled together numerous new swims, tremendous amount of personal bests, 1 Records (Lauren Levy 13-14 50 Fly), and 17 disqualifications. We will continue to focus on improving technique to minimize those DQS and improve our times. Many swimmers saw their hard work pay off. These meets test our abilities I and out of the water to be tuff, resilient, and positive, we are off to a great start in all of these.

Level 1 had 6 swimmers at the Halloween meet. Josie Lyons, James Lyons, Nora Pashler, Roman Scirri, Milania Scarpace, and Bianca Rivera all did an awesome job trying new events! We are so proud of our level 1 swimmers and are excited to see them compete in more meets to come!

Level 2 As we closed out our annual Halloween meet this past weekend I was very proud of level 2. We had 13 swimmers compete and best times from every one. There were a few DQ’s that gave us some goals to work towards in practice. They have worked very hard in the season thus far working on our stroke techniques. We will continue to improve our confidence in practice. Great job level 2!

Level 3 did a great job competing this weekend in our annual Titans Halloween meet. We saw best times across the board from all of our swimmers. It was great to see new swimmers compete for the first time and returning swimmers try out new events! There were some DQ’s throughout our meet that I look forward to improving on in practice. They have worked very hard so far this season and I can’t wait to see them continuing to improve!

Level 4 had outstand performances by all who attended attempting 16 new events, 60 brand new personal best times and only 2 disqualifications. Outstanding beginning to this season! Everyone in Level 4 now has a greater understanding of how hard work leads to great performances! Reed Errickson, Grace Griffin, Max Lemeister, Rowan McNeil, and Taylor Shepherd all swam best times EVEREY SWIM! Swimmers tried new events like the 200’s of stroke, 500 free and did amazing! Now we know where we are we can look at setting some lofty goals for the end of our season in March!

Level 5 had 17 awesome swimmers represent Titans at the meet this past weekend. Throughout the last few weeks we have focused on adding interval training into our work outs and really emphasized the importance of swimming fast during practice. Each of our level 5 swimmers has set great goals for this season and have been working very hard at practice with these goals in mind. All of our hard work definitely paid off as we were able to see over 60 new best times and multiple swimmers trying new and longer events! We were impressed and happy to see our swimmers continue to improve in their 50s and 100s as well as pick up some new events like the 500 free and 200s of stroke. We are looking forward to continuing to work hard in practice and see more time drops throughout the season! Great job level 5!

Level 6 was another group that pulled together some truly great swims. Fifteen new events conquered, 59 personal best times, and only 1 DQ! Amazing! Level 6 has done well in the first part of our season even with so many missing due to school sports. They have been improving strokes and are only starting to get into the training part of our season. Several swimmers swam best times every time, congratulations to Tommy Baxter, Rammy Ben Jaballah, Salim Ben Jaballa, Page Glor, Payton Glor, and Claire Malkiewicz for doing this amazing feat! This group has had determination and great effort in practice that set them up for success this meet, now we need to go back to work! Great job to all!

Level 7-8 got off to a great start to the season with over 50 personal best times. Highlighted by Kristina Clouser with 4, Madison Fragale with 3, Natalie Fritch with 3, Laruen Levy 2 and a Team record, Aidan Morgan with 5, Connor Morrissey with 3, Chris Signore with 5, Bailey Wiegand with 4, and Jakob Wiegand with 3. Good Luck to the Girls at All Catholic’s and HS sectional.
Also Congrats to those girls that Have qualified for States (Gillian Boal, Maya Flash, Lauren Levy, Lily Dimmig, Carolyn Deboth)

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Fall Start up dates
Level 7-8 Sept 5th
Level 5-6 Sept 8th
Level 2-4 Sept 15th
SD/Level 1 Sept 17th

A totally amazing meet! So many Titans turned out for the final swims of the summer, that alone was awesome! When you look at the results it was totally amazing! numorous personal bests, many new swims, an 11 year old record broken in the 13-14 50 Fly by Lauren Levy, and a great end to a fantastic summer of swimming.

This week we had 2 stroke development and 4 level one swimmers compete at our End of the Summer Meet. There were best times in multiple events from Yasmin Ramsey and Michael Scibetta, way to go! This was a first meet for many of our swimmers and we are very proud of what they have accomplished this season! Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you back in the Fall!

Level 3 and 4 did an incredible job at the End of Summer meet. We were represented by 30 swimmers from both of these levels. We have been working very hard this summer, focusing on our technique, turns and underwaters. All of our hard work seems to have really paid off as we were able to see over 100 best times collectively. We were very impressed with everyone who tried new and longer events including Abigael Wager who did an awesome job in her first 500 freestyle and Madeline Scibetta who was able to drop 27 seconds in her 500. We were so happy to see both level 3 and 4 do so well and end the summer on a great note. Great job to everyone that participated, enjoy the rest of summer!

Level’s 5 & 6 trained together all summer and they put in strong practices leading to some solid swims. Level 5’s Six Swimmers pulled together 15 best times and zero DQ’s to end the summer on a high note. While level 6 had an amazing 18 swimmers compile 78 best times, 9 new swims, and zero DQ’s! New swims ranged form the 100 Fly to the 400 IM and ALL SWIMMERS did an amazing job! We had 14 swimmers end the summer with best times in every swim, Tom Baxter, Karynn Clouser, Lindsay Deboth, Lauren Devin, Matt Drews, Victor Fritsch, Paige Glor, Peyton Glor, Caleb Gorney, Rebecca Korsh, Claire Malkiewicz, Alaina Roberts, Chris Signore, and Peyton Taylor pulled off the not so easy task at this stage of their careers. All have so much to be proud of and look forward too.

Level 7-8 had a tremendous meet with alot of best time, a team record in the 13-14 50 fly, and we had had some final career swims as our seniors head of to college. Martina Sinatra, Peter Castiglia, Allison Borowiak, and Kameron Clouser swan there last meet as a Titan before heading of to college. Hopefully they will be joining us over breaks and next summer. We wish all the senior the best and again hope they all join us in the future.

Enjoy the break and recharge for the Short Course season

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Summer Splash Meet

Posted by Town of Tonawanda Titans Swim Club at Aug 9, 2018 12:28PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Last Splash Meet was a huge success for our Stroke Development, Level 1, and Level 2 swimmers! Our stroke development swimmers did a wonderful job swimming full laps and our Level 1&2 swimmers did a great job trying new strokes/events. We are so proud of each and every swimmer that participated. Thank you for a great season and we will see you all back in the Fall!

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Lauren swam a 26.62 in her 50 fly at Halloween meet to break her previous record which was set in August.

Amazing swim Lauren!