Time trial 21 Results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on May 24 2021 at 08:08AM PDT

The Titans played host to Amherst Swim Cub with Time trial #21 Friday May 15th. We had nearly 100 Titans in attendance swimming fast and having some fun in the AFC pool. For the first time since the pandemic we ran RELAYS! It was amazing to see the team aspect of the sport again and we saw the benefit of returning to a kind of normalcy. We will be doing our best to continue to include as many Titans in the relays as we proceed through spring and summer meets!
Level 1 had 8 swimmers in the Time Trial this past Friday. It was great to see Mia, Nathan, Sadie, Khloe, Lannen, Lilah, Harper and Eli swim and have a collective 9 new best times! We have things to work on but I’m confident that we’ll fix them soon, so we can keep dropping times and keep having fun! Great work this weekend! 

Level 2 had 10 participants with the previous Time Trial on May 14. Sofia, Alex, Michael, Xavier, Connor, Kaia, Charlotte, Anna, Charlotte Nudell and Michael did a great job, with 6 new best times, 11 new events swam and only 1 DQ! It’s always great to see the improvements being made and can’t wait for this weekend’s Natalie Lewis Meet to see how far the Level has come! Til next weekend!

Level 3 sent 9 swimmers to the time trial. We are so proud of everyone in level 3 for representing and focusing on great technique as we saw 0 DQs and 11 best times! As we continue to work on all four strokes at practice, we are emphasizing the importance of having great kicks throughout our races. Keep up the great work level 3!

Level 4 sent 6 phenomenal young swimmers to this one! Lena Hunt, James Lyons, Ella Pawelczyk, Lucia Santiago, Abigail Sule, and Joseph Tacca combined for 15 swims, 13 personal bests, 3 new events, 6 Silver (CQ)times, 2 Gold (NI) cuts, and ZERO DQ’s! We are working hard on the “little things” in practice and we are happy to see them being implemented in the races! Great job using that streamline and underwater undulations Level 4! Amazing jobs in the 200 free relay!
Level 5 sent 12 swimmers to the time trial this past Friday for another great night of fast racing! 16 new best times achieved including 11CQ times and 4 NI times. We are happy to see our swimmers focusing more on their breakouts and turns as we are emphasizing how important those aspects of races are during practice. We are excited to watch our level continue to progress and swim fast! Congratulations Level 5.

Level 6 continues to strive toward improvements in our starts, turns, strokes, and those challenging underwaters. This group has shown some great dedication and is beginning to understand that it takes that dedication and hard work to get better at this point in their swimming careers.Thirteen Level 6 Titans combined for 21 personal bests, 4 new events conquered,9 Silver (CQ) times, 9 Gold (NI) cuts, and ZERO DQ’s! Amazing efforts in some great races and some great competition in all their swims. We saw some fantastic finishes, “head down, hips up, full stroke, full kick” as we’ve heard repeatedly at practice! Thanks to all the Titans that pitched in on the relays as well!

Level 7-8 I continue to see progress in our mechanics and am very please that we continue to drop time as we are picking up the training getting ready for LC meets. We had 32 swimmers attend this meet and 30 personal best times. I am looking forward to our first LC meet. We will begin dry-land outside very soon so please bring sneakers, etc to be outside with.

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