Time Trial 20 Results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on May 16 2021 at 02:02PM PDT

The Titans Friday night time trials have continued to be a great opportunity for the team. We had 78 Titans swim on Mat 7th,showing us all that their time and efforts are paying off in some great improvements in strokes, technique, and time drops! Many Titans in all levels 1 to 8 are branching out into new events, fine tuning their best events, and discovering some new swims that could be truly great in the future! Thanks again to all who helped, swam, and made our 20th Time Trial another great one! 
Level 1 had 3 swimmers swim at this previous Time Trial: Rosie Pashler, Lannen and Liliah Pawelek. We have some work to do, especially with that breaststroke kick, but I’m always thrilled at the participation and enthusiasm our Level 1 swimmers have for these trials! We keep working on the little things and big improvements will come! 
Level 2 had 8 swimmers participate in this past Friday’s Time Trial: Michael Caccamise, Xavier Cline, Noah D’Avirro, Kaia Heelan, Derek Huffnagel, Charlotte Johnson, Charlotte Nudell and Michael Scibetta. Great swims were swum and there are some things to work on but we will get their one step (or stroke!) at a time. Keep up the great work and we’ll have another great session next Friday!

Level 3 had 10 swimmers show up to race this past Friday. Asa level, we collected 6 best times including 2 CQ times from Ameika Paris.Jacqueline Adams had a huge drop of 5 seconds in her 25 butterfly and Nora Bronson, Vivienne Cabin and Gretchen Cenczyk all did a fantastic job in their100 IMs. Bianca Alderson, Brigid Connors, Marco D’Angelo, Nora Pashler, andJosephine Welsch all swam awesome 50 freestyles. We are excited to continue towatch you all swim fast and race the next couple weeks. Keep up the good work level 3!
Level 4 swimmers Maximus Carter, Ella Pawelczyk, Clare Stutz, and Mia Zabllocki all swam fantastic! All 4 had best times pulling together seven new personal bests, three new events conquered, another Niagara CQ (Silver) time and ZERO DQ’s! The Level 4 Swimmers have been working on improving their streamline extra hard, and it showed in some great starts and turns! Absolutely super efforts by all in attendance!
Another awesome time trial is in the books for Level 5. We had 14 swimmers show up to represent and totaled another 18 best times! We are happyto see a lot of our swimmers applying the things we have worked on the last couple at practice to their races. Good streamlines and breakout are so important and we are watching them improve each week. Congratulations on another great time trial, level 5! We are excited to watch you continue to swim fast and drop more time!

Level 6 has also been working on improving those tricky underwaters and streamlines. The thirteen Titans in attendance amassed 20 new personal best times, eighteen NICQ (Silver) times, three NI (Gold) times, 4more new events swam, with only 1 DQ! Level six has to reach deep into the events to get new swims and we saw that with amazing efforts in the 100 Fly by Eyobel Hagos, 200’s by Phoebe Errickson & Carter Gavigan, and Erin Morrissey’s 400 IM! Kerrington Clouser, Carter Gavigan, Eyobel Hagos, Sean Labiak, Erin Morrissey, Nathan Reimann, and Sydney Yost all could do no wrongswimming personal bests with every swim! Super efforts were also put in by Anne Boscarino, Roane George, Jayla Mercurio, Maria Pawelczyk, and Arianna Sidor!Well done Level 6!

Level 7-8 we have been starting to pick up the training again after the Virtual Championship concluded. Still posting some great swims and I continue to look forward to this LC season. those posting personal best include Paige Glor. Laure Levy, Parke Marshall, Vincent Ciraolo, Brady Garcia, Caleb Gorney, Lily Hauser Howells, James Jackson, Lucy Lyons, Campbell Murphy, Evan Schraufstetter, Maddie Scibetta, and Bradley Smith.

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