Time Trial #14 Results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Mar 14 2021 at 10:06AM PDT

The Titans ran our 14th Time trial of the season Friday March 5th! It is amazing to see so many swimmers continue to improve,not only in times but starts, turns, attitude, warm up, cheering!!!! We are so blessed to be swimming let alone competing at this level. Great Job Titans!

We had 11 swimmers for level 1, and we saw so many great races! Great job you guys! Congrats to Sophia Burns, who dropped over 5 seconds in her 50 free! We had a great race by Rosie Pashler, who dropped 12 seconds in her 50 free also. Eliana Tacca also dropped over 6 seconds in her 50 free, and Lannon Pawelek had a great 50 back with a 10 second drop! Awesome job Level 1 keep up the great work!

Level 2 had 10 swimmers swim this past Friday and put up great swims! 7 new best times were set, 11 new races were swam and only 3 DQs, which is the lowest number in any time trial this year, which is outstanding! We’re making strides with each new time trial and this one is no exception. Great work this week and we’ll keep working hard in practice! 

Level 3 had 8 swimmers compete in the 14th Titan time trial on Friday. Every single one of these swimmers achieved at least one new best time totaling 12 new time drops! Shout out to all 8 of our level 3 swimmers, Vivienne Cabin, Maximus Carter, Lucas Castelo Barnum, Gretchen Cenczyk, Brigid Connors, Ameela Patel, Ella Pawelczyk, and Lucia Santiago. Way to go level 3, keep up the hard work!

Level 4 sent 10 Terrific Titans to the meet! They swam an amazing 20 personal best times in under an hour of competition. We know the turn around between races was short but these swimmers were not to be denied some great swims! Super swims were put in by all in attendance and EVERYONE has something to be proud of from this one! Congrats to Julia Cabin 2 new best times and anew event in the 100 back, Dominic Fabrizi crushed his 50 free time by nearly 2seconds and added the 100 back to his resume, Meg Hufnagel added the 100 Backto her list of accomplishments as well, James Lyons added 2 new personal bests in the 50 free & Breast, Lucy Nudell demolished her 100 Back and 100 Breast,Amelia Pashler swam back to back to back events still dropping nearly 8 seconds in total, Joe Tacca continues to be amazing at meets dropping over 7 seconds in both his 100 back and 100 free, Gavin Tranter put in an amazing effort in his100 back destroying his previous best by over 20 seconds and then dropped another7 in his 100 free, and Haylee Whelehan bested her 25 Breaststroke time by over3 ½ seconds! Nice work Level 4!

Level 5 had 14 swimmers racing in the 14th Titan time trial on Friday. They have been working hard at practice and it showed with 17 new best times over all from the group! Shout out to Anne Boscarino, Keira Curvin, Sean Curvin, Carter Gavigan, Roane George, Emmett King, Isaac King, Reese Marcyan, Brynn Muffoletto, Maria Pawelczyk, and Rowan Riley. We will continue using the pace clock at practice to help us focus on strong and efficient swimming so we are ready for the next time trial! Nice job level 5!

Level 6 sent 18 swimmers to the 14th installment of our Friday night races. Some great lessons learned again by these swimmers. Thirty-three new personal bests a few DQ’s to learn from and some of our events are beginning to be very challenging to drop time! This is a god thing, we need to see how we handle some frustration in the pool and figure out how to get through it! We had a chance to swim some short fast races as well as the 1000free to end the evening. Level six did an outstanding job preparing for this one and the results speak volumes to that! Swimming personal bests in every swim were Juju Bewlay, Kerrington Clouser, Jack Kendall, Charlie Lorenz,Heather Malkiewicz, Erin Morrissey, & Kim Schmitt who all went 3 for3personal bests. Also, Celia Crawford Eyobel Hagos, & Meredith Roberts could do no wrong in the pool going 2 for 2! Ian Tweed swam his first meet as aTitan, Aidan Kloetzer and Arianna Sidor had a great swims & personal bests in the 50 breaststroke, Juliana Haacker swam tough besting her time in the 50back, and Taylor Shepherd did an amazing job in her first 1000 free! Great efforts Level 6!

Level 7-8 was looking forward to the sprint events. The group have over 50 personal best times with some great aggressive race work. Those that had multiple personal best time include Maddie Bronson, Allison Chaplin, Brady Garcia, Leah Gardner, Lily Hauser Howells, Brie Lorenz, Lucy Lyons, Campbell Murphy. Julia Russom,Evan Schraufstette,Maddie Scibetta, Mary Katie Wegman, Kristina Clouser, Tara Deboth, Peyton Glor, Declan King, Clare Malkiewicz Chloe Marcyan, and Maya Marcyan. Great Job to everyone in the group!

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