Time Trial #5 results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Nov 13 2020 at 07:21AM PST

Another amazing Friday night at the races! Levels 3, 4, 5, & 6 took advantage of another opportunity to get up and race! We are seeing so many improvements in our racing and that is only a small part of the benefits of competing! The practices are getting so much better with the added awareness of how it translates to our races! If you practice great strokes they happen in the races! The opposite is also true if you practice illegal things they will happen too! We continue to be so grateful for the Aquatic Center and our ability to swim during this challenging time! Thanks again to all the volunteers and swimmers for all the work!

Level 3 had an awesome time trial this past Friday. We had 8swimmers representing the level and a total of 11 best times and 8 new events completed!It was awesome to see some of the level testing their endurance and trying out longer swims like the 100 fly and 200 breaststroke. Congratulations to Vivienne Cabin, Max Carter, Lucas Castelo Barnum, Gretchen Cenczyk, Ellie Fox, AmeikaParis, Ella Pawelczyk and Lucia Santiago on a good well done! Keep up the hard work, we can’t wait to watch you all continue to improve.

Level 4 had another tremendous turnout with swimmers piling up some amazing swims! 12 Swimmers pulled together 13 personal bests with 6 new events! Several swimmers could do no wrong hitting personal bests with every swim, Congratulations to Dominic Fabrizi, Ella Gray, Megan Hufnagel, and Joseph Tacca! New events like the 100 fly and 200 breaststroke were seen by several swimmers pushing themselves to new challenges, GREAT JOB LEVEL 4! 

18 Level 5 swimmers came to represent the level at our time trial! We had 24 best times and a number of new events completed. We are proudto see our level challenging themselves by picking the 100 fly and/or the 200breaststroke to race. They are working really hard at practice to increase theirendurance, while still keeping the intensity needed to swim fast. It is awesome to see all their hard work paying off. Shout out to Andre Charlier and Owen Grayfor big time drops in the 100 fly, as well as Alex Kendall, Josie Russom,Carter Gavigan, Roane George and Jacob Walter for trying the 200 breast for the first time and Marley Sinatra for dropping 8 seconds. Congratulations to the entire level, we are so proud of all your hard work. 

Level 6 has been working harder and harder at, as I’m sure you have heard them talk about how tired they are after practice! That investment in hard work payed off in great swims! Seventeen Level 6 swimmers showed off of bit whipping up 25 new personal bests with 4 more new events completed and some truly amazing races! New swims in the 100 fly and 200 breaststroke were also on display. We saw Jayla Mercurio, Meredith Roberts , and  Arianna Sidor all swim best times every time they hit the water, FANTASTIC WORK TO ALL!

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