Titans Time Trial Success!

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Oct 12 2020 at 08:10AM PDT

The Titans are truly happy to be able to return to swimming and finally RACING! Last week the Senior group was able to open up our time trial format with some tremendous swims with over 60 personal best times coming off an 8 month lay off of racing. Then they followed up in the second time time trails session with nearing 50 more personal best times. It is awesome to see the kids racing again and working towards something.
What an amazing display the level 4, 5, & 6 Swimmers put on at the TTSC Time Trial #2 on Friday 10/09/2020! Some amazing races, times drops, stroke improvements, and actual cheering!

Level 4 had amazing swims by all in attendance and a few disqualifications to work on eliminating. Having the opportunity to race again was fantastic! So many Level 4 swimmers made great improvements from last season it is great to see hard work paying off!
Level 5 did an awesome job at their first time trial. There were a number of best times and only a few DQs, which shows we are focusing on the important things within our strokes, turns and walls. We are proud of all the hard work level 5 has been putting into practice over the last couple months and are excited to see how we continue to improve over the next few weeks. Great job Level 5, keep up the good work!

Level 6 also had some amazing swims as well as some areas needing attention, like 2 hand touches and continuous motion into our backstroke turns. The Challenges of swimming without flags for months has shown us how practice matters! Overall amazing job for ALL OF LEVEL 6!

Special thanks for the amazing job by all who pitched in and helped!We are fortunate to have the ability to run these time trials and we all need to now look hard at what we can do better in practice to continue to improve and grow!

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