Titans Take 1st Place at 2020 Niagara LSC Silver Meet

Posted by Town of Tonawanda Titans Swim Club on Feb 27 2020 at 08:06AM PST

What an amazing job this weekend!

Thanks to all who pitched in, worked, donated, and swam! We played host to 599 swimmers, 25 teams, their coaches and extended families! All organizations rely on people stepping up and doing what is necessary at events like this and several families were there for meet set up, worked every session, and were there for clean up every time! A very special thanks to you!

This meet is a stepping stone for swimmers to see what it takes to get to the next level in swimming, A Prelims/finals meet provides opportunities to learn from the swims in the first session and make adjustments for finals. The coaches had a tremendous amount of great swimming to watch and we are continually reminded how this sport works, investment pays off! The team Won the meet overall by over 650 points with the help of all in the relays, individual events, and our 2 high point winners Paul Wissel and Bailey Wiegand. We amassed 265 Personal best times, 129 Championship cuts, and some amazing racing!

Level 3 had a great weekend competing in the Niagara Championships. This is a big meet for our 8 and 9 years olds, with a very hectic pool deck and a lot of fast swimmers. I am really proud of how they stayed focused and were ready to race when they got on those blocks! James Lyons swim a best time in his 50 free, Ella Gray dropped over 16 seconds in her 50 free, Rocco Hall had best times in all 3 events that he swam, and Megan Hufnagel had 3 best times and a gold cut in her 50 fly! Way to go Level 3 keep up the hard work!

Level 4 sent 15 Titans to the meet, they have been amazing in practice working on great technique, speed and having fun in the process! Everyone has much to be proud of and equally as much to work on to get even better! The group piled up 52 personal bests, 23 Gold times, and only 3 DQ’s. Anne Boscarino had 3 best times and 3 gold cuts, Ryan Bronson had 1 best and 1 gold cut, Andre Charlier had 2 best times and 2 gold cuts, Keira Curvin had 4 best times and 4 gold cuts, Alex Kendal had best times in every event, Owen Grey got his first taste of swimming at finals and did phenomenally swimming best times in all his finals events and a gold cut, Isaac King had 2 best times and 2 gold cuts, Reese Marcyan had 6 best times and 4 gold cuts, Brynn Muffoletto had best times in both her swims, Elise Muffoletto had 6 best times and 2 gold cuts, Lucy Nudell had 2 best times, Josephine Russom had best times in every swim and 2 gold cuts, Owen Scibetta had 2 best times and 2 gold times, Katherine Stancliff had 2 best times, and Kylie Szaflarski swam best times in all 6 swims! Way to go!

Level 5 had a fantastic meet this past weekend. We had 11 swimmers participate, and collectively gathered 54 best times, 10 new Niagara Championship cut times and only 1 DQ. We are very proud of the hard work and fast swimming from our level! Sean Curvin walked away with 3 new best times. Grace Griffin had a huge drop in the 200 free giving her a gold time in that event. Juliana Haacker had best times in all four of her events. Eyobel Hagos achieved a gold cut in the 100 breast and 2 new best times. Emmett King had 3 best times. Charlie Lorenz walked away with 3 new gold cuts and best times in all his events. Erin Morrissey had best times in all her events and 2 new gold cut times. Madison Scarpace had 3 best times and two gold cut times. Taylor Shepard had 6 best times. Arianna Sidor walked away with 3 new best times and Abigael Wager achieved a gold cut time in the 200 free as well as 3 new best times. Awesome job level 5!

Level 6 was ready to race! We had 18 Titans represent the group exceptionally well. 92 personal bests were achieved, 43 gold cuts, with only 1 DQ! We do look to learn at the meets and these swimmers learned a lot with 37 finals appearances getting an extra shot at improving their bests! Juliet Bewlay had 12 personal bests and 9 gold times, William Boyle had 11 personal best times and a gold cut, Madeline Bronson had5 personal bests, Kerrington Clouser had 9 personal bests and 6 gold times, Emma Cwiklinski had 11 personal bests and 9 gold times, Brady Garcia had 3 best times and 3 gold cuts, Leah Gardiner had 4 of 5 best times, Lucy Lyons 2 best times dropping over 38 seconds in the process, Heather Malkiewicz had 8 personal bests and 5 gold tomes, Rowan McNeil had 2 personal best and 2 finals appearances, Campbell Murphy went 6 for 6 all gold times, Meredith Roberts went 4 for 4 all gold times, Lila Roeser had 2 best times, Evan Schraufstetter had 6 personal bests, Madeline Scibetta had 9 swims over the meet and saved the best for last dropping nearly 30 seconds in the 1000 free, Bradley Smith swam 2 personal bests and had a finals appearance, Cierra Williams had a best time and a finals appearance, Delilah Winker was out sick for the first two days of the meet but toughed it out to swim all best times on Sunday! Great Job!

Level 7-8 had an amazing meet. Congrats to Paul and Bailey winning high point. As a group we had over 160 personal best times and nearly 30 more NI cut times. It was an great meet for the entire group. The attitudes were exceptional, the effort was amazing and the focus on little things made a tremendous difference in our racing.

Additional stand out were Maddy Kamens, Mary Kate Wegman, Maddy Hill, Tom Baxter, Erin Cavanaugh, Tara Deboth, Kristiana Clouser, Maren Drew, Paige and Peyton Glor, and Aliana Roberts.

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