JR/SR Power Point recap

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Jan 18 2019 at 09:11AM PST

What a start to the Jr Sr Power Point Meet in Webster! 13 swimmers swam on Friday and they crushed it in the pool! We had 33 personal best times! 5 NI champs cuts, 15 Champ Qualifier Cuts, with 0 DQs! 8 swimmers achieved brand crew cut times for these championship meets. Amazing start!
All 13 swimmers had great swims with 9 new events completed successfully!
Saturday we saw a few new faces in the morning with some swimmers making the early trip to Webster. The swimmers ranging from Level 2 to Level 6 swam amazing again. They crushed 41 new personal best times, 9NI Champs cuts, 13 more Championships Qualifier cuts with 12 new events swam! We did see a few DQs but the swimmers are trying new events and that is bound to happe. A wise man said that the worst kind of mistakes we make are the ones we repeat, so we will do our best to avoid these in the future. Congratulations to all at the meet and to our two second place high point finishers Chloe Marcyan and Brady Garcia!

The Senior power point portion of the meet was a lot of swimming in a short amount of time. The Swimmers did an incredible job over coming what they saw as adversity and swimming some incredible times. We were able to take what we learn from swimming SC meters, apply to yards and focus on our underwater work. Most swimmers walked away with 3 or 4 personal best times, some new CQ cut times as well as more NI cut times. Great Job!

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