SHAQ Meet results

Posted by Scott Vanderzell on Dec 13 2018 at 07:29AM PST

The Titans sent 57 Swimmers to the SHAQ Open Swim Meet Back on November 18th, with swimmers from Level 1 to level 8 pulling together to pile up 104 new personal best times, 7 NI Championship cuts, 74 Championship Qualifier cuts, and 22 new events swam! We did have 9 disqualifications with some coming in new events and some coming from old mistakes. We applaud the efforts of all at the meet and want to remind our team that the worst mistakes we make are the ones we repeat. So we have been focusing on 2 hand touches, legs together in our dolphin kicks, making contact with the wall on our turns, all that good stuff.
The meet was spit into two sessions with the 10 and under swimmers starting off the day and the afternoon session was for Open swimmers, or any age.

The morning session went very well. It was a quick moving meet that tested their endurance but our 10 and unders did a great job getting ready and keeping focus on their races while in the gym. Shout out to our level 1 swimmers, Nora Palsher, Bianca Rivera, Milania Scarpace, and Roman Scirri, for gathering up that confidence to compete and try out new events without any DQ’s! Eben Zuckerberg and Meghan Hufnagel came out with best time in all the events they swam. Way to go! Also very proud of Charlie Burt and Maximus Carter for trying out new events and swimming great times. Hard work pays off! In practice we are working on our endurance for racing while maintaining a legal stroke technique. Great Job 10 and unders!

The afternoon was amazing! After warm up the swimmers tore through the events putting together some great efforts in the 100’s of stroke and the 500 Free! Sean Curvin from level 4 swam the 500 for the first time in competition and crushed his time from practice! Other successful first time efforts from our 11 and older swimmers included 100 free: Delilah Winker, Mary Kate Wegman, Madison Scarpace, 100 Breast Jacob Walter, Joe Wachowicz, Adison Hesch, and 100 Back Ava Scirri. Nice work! Lila Roeser, Vidya Shah, Taylor Shepherd, Payton Taylor, could do no wrong at the Sweet Home pool swimming best times every time they hit the pool with ZERO DQ’s, nice job! We are happy to have so many of the ladies returning from their high school season as well as all of our Neumann league swimmers back and ready to get right back into competing for the Titans.

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