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13 & Older Time Trial Results

Posted by Michael Griffin at Mar 14, 2020 3:29PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

I want to commend the swimmers for battling through a tough situation and come to the Time Trial ready to race. We got to see some tremendous swims, best times and teammates working together to achieve success. As you can see in the results there a number of best times but the biggest thing we can take from this is our mental toughness to over come adversity and still have success.

It was great to see swimmers and parents come together and make the best out this situation. Great job and I look forward to the LC season!!!

Coach Scott

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What a great weekend of swimming out in the Finger Lakes! The 28 Titans that traveled to Ithaca represented the team exceptionally well! We had swimmers from Levels 3, 4, 5, & 6 all pull together for a fantastic 12 and under Short Course Championship Meet! 129 best times, 64 top 20 finishes, 3 Eastern Zone Championship Cuts, some truly impressive relays and cheering! Thanks to all who made the trip and did so well!

Friday began with the 400 Free Relay. We had 3 relays who managed to pull together and crush their previous best times by a total of 37 seconds! We saw hard work paying off in the 200 IM, 200 free and 500 free events with 10 best times!

Saturday was the first day of prelims and finals with the top 18 getting the chance to swim at night. This group came ready to swim in the morning and did a fantastic job with another round of amazing relays and individual swims. Beginning the meet with relays gave them the opportunity to get up and moving right away! We saw fantastic racing and those swimmers that really paid attention to the starts and finishes wining those close races! Brynn Muffoletto tied for an alternate position and had the experience of a SWIM OFF! She not only won but crushed her personal best time in the 50 back! So many great swims, it was a true gift to watch! At finals we saw great swims get even better with 21 swims, with everyone swimming better than their best before the meet, and a Niagara LSC Champion Grace Griffin in the 50 Breast!

Sunday was the day we revealed our character. Learning how to prepare for a long day was key to their success! These young athletes all prepared well and swam their hearts out! Another great display of focus with some amazing racing and finishes! We qualified for 21 swims at finals, had amazing efforts in all the relays and kept on having fun! Finals provided the final opportunity to shine at night! We put in a great final effort pulling swims that revealed these swimmers toughness! We took the top 3 spots in the consolation heat of 11-12 200 IM with Meredith Roberts, Campbell Murphy, and Juliet Bewlay all swimming best times and we crowned another LSC Champion in the 100 Breast by Grace Griffn!

Everyone has so much to be proud of, but here are a few highlights:

Juliet Bewlay came to swim fast all weekend! She had amazing relay efforts and a total of 6 personal best times!

Anne Boscarino swam 4 personal best times and made 2 finals appearance!

Ryan Bronson swam phenomenally! Posting 6 best times and placing in the top 18 twice!

Andre Charlier showed off his amazing white water kick crushing his times! 8 personal bests, 4 top 18 finishes and was fantastic in all his relay efforts!

Kerrington Clouser displayed a ton of effort with 6 individual swims pitched in on a relay, a finals appearance and 3 best times!

Keira Curvin was a surprise to many at the meet moving up a ton of spots with her 9 personal bests, 2 relays, and 4 top 18 finishes!

Sean Curvin swam with determination helping out on all the relays, and posted personal bests in EVERY SWIM!

Emma Cwiklinski pulled together 3 more personal bests after a great month of swimming leading up to champs, she also helped out on all of our relays!

Brady Garcia returned to us from High School swimming and did fantastic for us all weekend, best times in every event, amazing swims on all the relays, and 3-night time swims Saturday at finals.

Grace Griffin was on fire all weekend! 2 First place finishes, 2 second place finishes, 2 third place finishes and a fourth place finish! In all 7 events she swam personal best times as well as swimming phenomenally on her relays!

Julianna Hacker came to race! 4 events finishing with 6 personal best times swimming better than her best in 3 finals appearances!

Rocco Hall had some great effort in his swims learning a ton about swimming at the bigger meets, pulling together 3 new personal best times.

Megan Hufnagel made the trip out for 2 Sunday swims putting in a solid effort in her 50 free and 50 fly.

Isaac King had 6 events at champs that he really put tremendous effort into. 3 personal bests and a 5th place finish highlighted his weekend.

Charles Lorenz swam a super 4 personal best times and pitched in on all 5 relays superbly.

Heather Malkiewicz swam with a ton of toughness! Swimming a limited amount leading up the meet due to school play obligations she held nothing back swimming right at her times.

Reese Marcyan swam like she practices, fast! 4 personal best times and an evening appearance in her 50 back!

Erin Morissey posted 3 personal best times swimming strong and applying what she has been working on all season!

Brynn Muffoletto was amazing, 6 personal best times with 3 top 18 finishes!

Elise Muffoletto was our youngest Titan at 8 years old qualifying for 4 individual events and made top 18 in her 100 fly!

Campbell Murphy showed what smart swimming can get you, personal bests in 6 swims top 18 in 4 events, dominated in all the relays, and had a positive attitude all the way!

Meredith Roberts showed what true grit and toughness really are swimming through illness all weekend! Persevering through to achieve 7 personal bests and 4 top 18 finishes!

Josephine Russoms dedication and hard work all year helped her to achieve 5 personal best times and 2 top 18 finishes.

Madison Scarpace was all smiles and positivity this weekend achieving 4 personal bests and 3 top 18 finishes as well as pitching in on 2 relays.

Owen Scibetta always has energy to spare and put in all into the pool by the end of the weekend, swimming 4 personal best times and a finals appearance Sunday night in the 50 free.

Taylor Shepherd did a great job all weekend and was a big help in the relays. She put in great effort in her 4 events swimming close to her personal bests.

Katherine Stancliff was amazing with personal bests in all her individual event as well as a night time swim in the 100 free making the top 18 at finals.

Abigael Wager Swam with tremendous effort on Saturday in the relay and he individual event only to have the weekend cut short by illness.

All of these swimmers put in solid efforts all weekend. They were able to see one of the best lessons swimming teaches, hard work pays off!

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Congratulations to Titans own Mark Crocker who ended his high school swimming career on the Lockport Lions with an incredible performance at the New York State Swimming Championship meet today.

Mark placed 8th overall in the 50 Yard Freestyle with an amazing time of 21.49. For his second event in the 100 Yard Butterfly, Mark swam a best time of 50.54 in the preliminaries. He then came back to finals and crushed his previous time by dropping again resulting in a new best time of 49.97! With this time Mark earned a 5th place overall result.

Amazing job Mark! Congratulations on an incredible high school career. We look forward to the next chapter!


The Cheektowaga Stingrays Swim Club hosted the 2020 Shamrock Meet at the Cheektowaga High School pool February 29th and March 1st. We sent 41 Swimmers from EVERY level to this meet! This meet is a great opportunity for swimmers to get those last Short Course swims in and they did great!

Charlotte Johnson represented Stroke Development at the Shamrock Meet! Charlotte did an awesome job swimming several events. She swam the 25 Free, 50 Free, and 25 Back. Spectacular job Charlotte! Additionally, five swimmers represented Level 1 in the Shamrock Meet. They were Nora Bronson, Charlotte Nudell, Santino Hall, Derek Hufnagel, and Josie Welsch! Nora and Charlotte swam fast 25 Frees with Nora dropping over 7 seconds and Charlotte dropping over 13 seconds. Santino swam an awesome 25 Free and 25 Back. Derek swam the challenging 100 Free and did an excellent job. Lastly, Josie swam the 25 Free and 25 Back for the first time and got great starting times. Amazing job to all!

Level 2 sent 4 phenomenal swimmers to the meet. Caylyn Barone, Charlie Burt, Gretchen Cenczyk, and Lucia Santiago. They did great! Swimming in events like the 100 IM 25’s, 50’s & 100’s of stroke! They combined for 13 best times with 12 new swims! We have lots to learn and will continue to focus on getting better at all the little things, Great job!

Level 3 had 9 swimmers compete in the Shamrock meet this past weekend and we saw a lot of great swims. There were best times achieved from Hannah Engelhardt, Rocco Hall, Ameika Paris, John Stancliff, Joey Tacca, and Haylee Whelehan to round out 12 best times over all. Shout out to Joey for dropping over 17 seconds in his 100 IM and Ameika for dropping over 15 seconds in her 50 back and achieve her gold cut time! Way to go level 3!
Level 4 sent 11 amazing swimmers who pulled together 28 best times 13 new events and had fun in the process! Great job to all and especially to Nina DiCamillo, Roane George, Katherine Stanclif, Mia Zablocki, and Eben Zuckerberg who all had best times in every swim!

Level 5 had 6 swimmers at the Shamrock meet this past weekend. Jayla Mercurio had a phenomenal meet dropping time in every event she swam and achieving those gold cut times. Harrison Roberts swam a great meet as well finishing with personal bests in every event. Nicholas Lesmeister had a great meet with 2 personal best times. Level 5 has ben working hard on using the purpose of the day to focus in practice and continue to work on the little things that will bring them closer to reaching their goals. Nice job level 5!

Level 6 sent Emma Cwiklinsk, Madeline Scibetta, and Brad Smith to the meet and they displayed some real toughness swimming in everything from the 50 free to the 200 breast! All three of these swimmers participated in the NICQ last weekend and they gained an understanding that swimming back to back weekends can be challenging!

Level 7 sent 3 swimmers Maren Drews had 2 personal best times dropping almost 6 sec in the 100 fly and a half sec in the 50 Back, Chris Signore had a persona best in the 50 Breasts and Matt Drews swam right at his times. All 3 swimmers just came off a very strong silver meet.

Great efforts!


What an amazing job this weekend!

Thanks to all who pitched in, worked, donated, and swam! We played host to 599 swimmers, 25 teams, their coaches and extended families! All organizations rely on people stepping up and doing what is necessary at events like this and several families were there for meet set up, worked every session, and were there for clean up every time! A very special thanks to you!

This meet is a stepping stone for swimmers to see what it takes to get to the next level in swimming, A Prelims/finals meet provides opportunities to learn from the swims in the first session and make adjustments for finals. The coaches had a tremendous amount of great swimming to watch and we are continually reminded how this sport works, investment pays off! The team Won the meet overall by over 650 points with the help of all in the relays, individual events, and our 2 high point winners Paul Wissel and Bailey Wiegand. We amassed 265 Personal best times, 129 Championship cuts, and some amazing racing!

Level 3 had a great weekend competing in the Niagara Championships. This is a big meet for our 8 and 9 years olds, with a very hectic pool deck and a lot of fast swimmers. I am really proud of how they stayed focused and were ready to race when they got on those blocks! James Lyons swim a best time in his 50 free, Ella Gray dropped over 16 seconds in her 50 free, Rocco Hall had best times in all 3 events that he swam, and Megan Hufnagel had 3 best times and a gold cut in her 50 fly! Way to go Level 3 keep up the hard work!

Level 4 sent 15 Titans to the meet, they have been amazing in practice working on great technique, speed and having fun in the process! Everyone has much to be proud of and equally as much to work on to get even better! The group piled up 52 personal bests, 23 Gold times, and only 3 DQ’s. Anne Boscarino had 3 best times and 3 gold cuts, Ryan Bronson had 1 best and 1 gold cut, Andre Charlier had 2 best times and 2 gold cuts, Keira Curvin had 4 best times and 4 gold cuts, Alex Kendal had best times in every event, Owen Grey got his first taste of swimming at finals and did phenomenally swimming best times in all his finals events and a gold cut, Isaac King had 2 best times and 2 gold cuts, Reese Marcyan had 6 best times and 4 gold cuts, Brynn Muffoletto had best times in both her swims, Elise Muffoletto had 6 best times and 2 gold cuts, Lucy Nudell had 2 best times, Josephine Russom had best times in every swim and 2 gold cuts, Owen Scibetta had 2 best times and 2 gold times, Katherine Stancliff had 2 best times, and Kylie Szaflarski swam best times in all 6 swims! Way to go!

Level 5 had a fantastic meet this past weekend. We had 11 swimmers participate, and collectively gathered 54 best times, 10 new Niagara Championship cut times and only 1 DQ. We are very proud of the hard work and fast swimming from our level! Sean Curvin walked away with 3 new best times. Grace Griffin had a huge drop in the 200 free giving her a gold time in that event. Juliana Haacker had best times in all four of her events. Eyobel Hagos achieved a gold cut in the 100 breast and 2 new best times. Emmett King had 3 best times. Charlie Lorenz walked away with 3 new gold cuts and best times in all his events. Erin Morrissey had best times in all her events and 2 new gold cut times. Madison Scarpace had 3 best times and two gold cut times. Taylor Shepard had 6 best times. Arianna Sidor walked away with 3 new best times and Abigael Wager achieved a gold cut time in the 200 free as well as 3 new best times. Awesome job level 5!

Level 6 was ready to race! We had 18 Titans represent the group exceptionally well. 92 personal bests were achieved, 43 gold cuts, with only 1 DQ! We do look to learn at the meets and these swimmers learned a lot with 37 finals appearances getting an extra shot at improving their bests! Juliet Bewlay had 12 personal bests and 9 gold times, William Boyle had 11 personal best times and a gold cut, Madeline Bronson had5 personal bests, Kerrington Clouser had 9 personal bests and 6 gold times, Emma Cwiklinski had 11 personal bests and 9 gold times, Brady Garcia had 3 best times and 3 gold cuts, Leah Gardiner had 4 of 5 best times, Lucy Lyons 2 best times dropping over 38 seconds in the process, Heather Malkiewicz had 8 personal bests and 5 gold tomes, Rowan McNeil had 2 personal best and 2 finals appearances, Campbell Murphy went 6 for 6 all gold times, Meredith Roberts went 4 for 4 all gold times, Lila Roeser had 2 best times, Evan Schraufstetter had 6 personal bests, Madeline Scibetta had 9 swims over the meet and saved the best for last dropping nearly 30 seconds in the 1000 free, Bradley Smith swam 2 personal bests and had a finals appearance, Cierra Williams had a best time and a finals appearance, Delilah Winker was out sick for the first two days of the meet but toughed it out to swim all best times on Sunday! Great Job!

Level 7-8 had an amazing meet. Congrats to Paul and Bailey winning high point. As a group we had over 160 personal best times and nearly 30 more NI cut times. It was an great meet for the entire group. The attitudes were exceptional, the effort was amazing and the focus on little things made a tremendous difference in our racing.

Additional stand out were Maddy Kamens, Mary Kate Wegman, Maddy Hill, Tom Baxter, Erin Cavanaugh, Tara Deboth, Kristiana Clouser, Maren Drew, Paige and Peyton Glor, and Aliana Roberts.

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